The face you make when 2020 keeps acting up. (Yours truly, age almost 5).

That kid you see in the picture above is trying his utter best to put on a smile, not only because the camera flash is extremely bright, but because he was extremely anxious about his first day of primary school. I was just about to turn 5 and all I could think of was “Why can’t I just stay in pre-school with my friends?” I didn’t know what anxiety was back then, but I did not like what I was feeling. I also didn’t know what was coming for me in the future.

Nineteen years later and much like myself…

It’s the weekend and I’m at home lying in bed, scrolling through Instagram to see what people are up to. I usually see people out with their friends on some cool adventure or having a good time at a party and as pathetic as it may seem, this made me sad because I don’t have a solid friend group to do such things with. On top of that, it’s so freaking hard to make friends now! What makes it even harder is the fact that once upon a time, I had that solid group of friends.

Let’s go back to…

Whenever I pick up my smartphone, I dive into one of various social media platforms, mostly Instagram, to get my quick fix on what people are up to. In one instance, I saw some gym selfies from acquaintances who hit the gym regularly and are serious about keeping fit. Instead of appreciating their achievement, my brain automatically went into comparison mode. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I was thinking:

“Damn, I wish I could be as fit as they are! Why can’t I ever get that fit? “Am I not determined enough to get to that level?” “Why aren’t…

Andy Dwyer knows what I’m talking about (Parks & Recreation Twitter — @parksandrecnbc).

You’re on Facebook or Instagram and see people “living their best life” or whatever the kids call it these days. Seriously, why does it seem like everyone has their life together but you? HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO IT? You feel like you’re falling behind and everyday feels like a damn struggle. Trust me, the feeling is mutual…I am STRUGGLING. I recently turned 30 and have been wondering what the hell am I really doing with my life? Here are a couple of my struggles and why they are not as bad as I make them out to be…

Jason Kanhai

Earth & Data Scientist 🤪 Rocks, reading & writing.

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